How to play Saints Row 2 Multiplayer

In order to play SR2 online you will need to make the following patches which will be detailed below

Step 1 - Download & Install Patch

Download the d3d9 patch here and place it in your game directory, directly beside the SR2_pc.exe file.
The source code for this patch can be found here
Please note this patch is in early testing and may change. Please do not redistribute this file, but instead link directly to it, so that people downloading the patch can receive the latest one.

Once the patch is placed in the game directory, you should just need to launch the game and go into multiplayer.

Please note this is only tested on the unmodified version of the game.

Step 2 - Launch game & create multiplayer Account

You should now be able to play multiplayer after registering account.
Do not use a shared, or trusted password.

Once filling in the required info, you can create an account as usual.

Login to your newly created account, and host or join a game!